Simple Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Classy

With spring around March, you're probably thinking that it's time to dream up a new look for yourself - something to signal the new life of spring. Certainly, you're worried about whether your wardrobe is really up to the task. But as far as your makeup kit is concerned, you really have nothing to worry about - whatever you've used so far can, with a little creativity, still get you to all kinds of new places. Some of your trusty old makeup bits and pieces can pull double duty. Everything you have, if you can think out of the box with them, can do all kinds of new things for you. It's all about finding new and cheap makeup techniques to go with what you already have now.

Fresh-looking skin is everything. And we should probably start there. You're probably eager to show a little skin in the spring, what with having stayed covered up all through winter. What you're interested in then, is having your arms and your legs really come through with lustrousness. What, do you need to make up all you limbs now? Not really. Makeup experts recommend that you dust over a little makeup primer all over your arms and legs. That should do it. Primers achieve a kind of diffusing effect. They make your skin look brighter and smoother. That's not the only creative use of the stuff in your makeup bag that you can think of. How about using lip gloss on your cheeks? It just helps your cheeks glow in a natural way. Dab on a little more if you want a bit of extra rosiness - all cheap makeup tips that achieve special results.

Let's turn our attention to covering a couple of cheap makeup tricks to bring the best out in your lips. Women keep buying new lipstick, new shades all the time; it's to try and freshen up their look. You can do a lot more with the lipstick you already have though, mixing and the layering shades for great effect. For instance, you could layer purple and red together for a beautiful shade; or you could layer brown and pink for a kind of dark rosy shade. There's a great way you can make your lipstick stand out a lot more than it usually does. All you need to do is to brush on a level of pressed powder over each coat of lipstick that you put on. The powder drains the lipstick of its oil and makes the color look a lot deeper than it otherwise would. A great way to make your lips look really attractive would be to just not use lipstick at all. Instead, you could simply brush on a touch of foundation on your lips, let it set for a minute and then apply lip gloss over it. It's great for the natural look.