4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water Immediately After Waking Up

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? You're probably going to check your phone first. Do you have the habit of drinking water directly in the morning? Well if you don't, you should read this. Drink water in the morning is good and beneficial for health. Then, what are the benefits of drinking water in the morning?

1. Drinking water in the morning can overcome the lack of fluids during sleep. It is normal that after you wake up, you will feel thirsty. The cells in our body feels the same too. This is because you are 'fasting' during the night, so that the body is not properly hydrated. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water in the morning just after you wake up. This habit will help your body to increase the production of blood cells and muscle building in the morning. Besides, of course it can prevent you dehydrated from not drinking for approximately 8 hours (adult sleep needs). Provide a bottle of water in your bedroom is a great thing to start this habit, so that you will always remember to drink it right after you wake up in the morning.

2. Drink water when you wake up can reduce the risk of dehydration. A lot of people often ignore thirst and not drink immediately to resolve. Dehydrated body will gradually impaired renal function, a variety of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and even seizures. Most people would just drink water when they eat. But that is not enough to keep the body well hydrated. By applying the habit of drinking water in the morning, will reduce the risk of dehydration.

3. Water can reduce the acidity of the stomach in the morning. Ever felt a stomach ache when you wake up? Sick stomach in the morning can be caused by high stomach acid that time. Gastric will still produce stomach acid, although no food or drinks that fill them. This high stomach acid can make your stomach heartburn, felt uncomfortable, even poignant. Meanwhile, things that can drown out all of these symptoms is food or drink into the stomach. But, is it possible if you wake up then immediately eat a heavy meal and in big portion? Therefore, it is recommended to drink a glass of water to help cope with high stomach acid.

4. Drinking water in the morning can prevent constipation. This habit can stimulate bowel movements, will launch your bowel movements and prevent constipation. Actually, when the food or drink goes into your stomach, the intestines will feel full and then stimulate the movement to push the food or beverage that has previously been digested out of the body - it makes your body bowel movements.

Start action, drink water once you get up in the morning today!